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October 19, 2005

Feit STND: Issue Mid!!


"FEIT have been constantly selling out in spots such as Undefeated and Alife, and with this new batch of shoes they look likely to sell out again. Obviously made to the same high standards as previous releases, this mid version of the popular classic released earlier in the year offers a different take on the style."


"Utilising a 3 piece Vibram sole, the mid version offers a more aggressive front toe bar, which has been hand carved by FEIT's Italian craftsmen Verdiccio Padrone in Civitanova Marche in Italy.

Look out for these in Offspring, Glorias and Aspecto in the UK, with US spots including Undefeated, Alife Rivington Club, Clientelle, Union and Nom De Guerre."

Via Crooked Tongues. I love these sneakers. One can see the quality from far far away.




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