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October 15, 2005

Random Comme des Garcons!!!

I really appreciate how Comme des Garcons always comes up with new ideas and never just sticks to the basic. From them you can always expect something different and unlike most designer brands they do never limit themselves to a certain style. Here now just a few new pieces of CdG that I particularly liked.


A very different looking, 70`s inspired CdG Ski jacket. With this baby, you can be sure that everybody sees you.


This is the latest tee out of their Rolling Stones collection. The print is in black/white and it is right now available at Ace Web. Hurry, because you know how fast these guys are always sold out.


This is definitely one of my favorite pieces: Nike x CdG sweater. It has a bit the used look and then this classic Nike logo, just nice. Pics via GDEH2006 and Loveapplefactory.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is part of the CDG family but to call it CDG would be misleading. The ski jacket and sweatshirt are Junya Watanabe, a designer who trained under Rei but his collection has quite different aesthetics to CDG Homme.

10/18/2005 10:02:00 am  

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