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November 28, 2005

Burton / Motorola - Audex™ Jacket!!!


Beinghunted reports on this new hot jacket by Burton. This is not just a jacket, but all technology. This is what it can do:

"The basic concept of the jacket - to be worn - is not new. However, what this jacket can do besides keeping you warm and dry is what will require a slight bit of technical ability. Here is why: A) Audex™ interfaces with your iPod (not such big news) plus (and that's the news) B) it has a built in bluetooth device which, in connection with your cell phone, turns this jacket into a wearable communications-tool - if you magage to set it up correctly.

While listening to your favourite snowboard/ski-soundtrack you can accept calls without having to pull out your phone. Built-in speakers (hood) and microphone (revers) leave the hands free to manouver."

Hopefully we'll see a lot more of these multifunctional jackets soon.




Blogger GVRSHOCKR said...

The only place in Canada to get the Burton Audex Jackets online is now at Showcase Snowboards. Check out www.showcasesnowboards.com and go the Canadian site!

12/17/2005 06:48:00 pm  

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