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November 14, 2005

OneTrue Saxon website up!!!


The OneTrue Saxon website is now up and running. To be honest, I was quite shocked, to see what a complete collection there is, including shoe's. I was very impressed bu their shoe selection, really great detailed work, where one can see the high quality. The brand also produced a limited edition jacket for the Glade before. This is what they say about them:

"From the start One True Saxon delivered design and quality at the highest standard. T-shirts and knitwear, denim or outerwear, every item that OTS touches, they turn it into that one piece in your closet which you'd want to wear every day.

The OTS label is a sign for excellence recognized all around the globe - especially in Japan, which could easily be called one of/if not the toughest market(s) for clothing."

Check out their complete line and also onlinestore at Goodnorth.com.




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