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December 01, 2005

Beinghunted x Bagjack Messenger Bag!!!


Beinghunted now collaborated with Bagjack, a premium bag producer, for a messenger bag. It's just great to see how Beinghunted continuously delivers quality products in whatever they do, let it be their features, the One True Saxon MA-65 collaboration or anything else.

Here is what they have to say about this collaboration:

"Bagjack has been well known in bike-messenger circles for a long time. Due to their knowledge of the trade, this company has been producing some of the best and most practical bags available to-date. From their homebase in Berlin, Bagjack has expanded and with a firm standing in Europe is currently also expanding towards the east, Japan, to be precise.

Functionality is the main focus of Bagjack's bags and carrying devices. Classic bike-messenger bags, surfboard bags, DJ-cases, etc. - this company will produce (and has produced) everything for anything to be carried in the most efficient and secure way.

Taken from their own experiences as couriers, they have developed a strap system which will allow the wearer to adjust it with a one-handed pull only. It's hard to be described in writing - best to try it yourself."


Simple looks, high quality, a bag for every day use with style. Let's see when it drops.




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