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January 27, 2006

Leroy Jenkins line coming...


Here we are presenting you some more pictures of the soon to drop Leroy Jenkins line. A few pics are form the release party of the brand and some others are just product shots. I really find this new line great. In a way part of the designs are really heavy and flashy, but I still find it refreshing and definitely new. For spring time these floral hoodies will be the sh*t, you can be sure of that.


Here also some tee's. Also with all over prints, but in fact not as heavy as usually on other brands with all over prints. Also these guys are using v-neck tee's for a change.


Here one of the less extreme hoodies. Very nice all over graphics.


Here one of my favorites. But I am damn white and not sure if it'll look as cool on me. Hopefully I'll have the chance to find that out. Where will the line be available? If you know, let me know!!




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