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January 03, 2006

NoPattern update!!!


Here we have a great update of NoPattern, the creative output of our friend Chuck Anderson from The Brilliance, that you should all know very well.

He has updated his portfolia and also his site. The print that you see above on the picture, is his newest creation and is now available for purchase as a signed print for 30$ only. Hurry, because these will be sold out in no time. If you think thats it, than you are wrong. Chuck has been up to a lot of stuff lately and has worked with some of the big players on some great projects.


For the japanese streetwear lux label Garcia Marquez he has developed a pattern for there series of bags. If you look close into it, you can find the noPattern logo on the bag.


He has also worked with Reebok on this limited edition noPattern sneaker. These will be available in 2006 in limited quantities in very selected shops. We will keep you posted. In the mean time click on the images above to see the rest of Chuck Anderson's portfolia, where he shows work with Invisible:Man, Vapor, theKDU, etc.

Keep it up!!!




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