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January 25, 2006

UNDRCRWN Feature at Inquiring Mind!!!


Inquiring Mind now has some nice info and a feature up on UNDRCRWN. They present the 5th Platoon x UNDRCRWN collaboration, which consists of a set of records, a UNDRCRWN designed teddy bear tee and the usual UNDRCRWN packaging. Definitely a great product.


Then they also have a UNDRCRWN Interview up. Its a very interesting read. For me mst interesting was a first look at their Spring 06 stuff. They are showing quite some tee's and the upcoming UNDRCRWN sneakers, that have been kept behind thick doors for a while now.


Here we also have a look at a special blingbling collection, that will be available only in limited quantities.


Head over to Inquiring Mind to read the features. Just click on one of the images.




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