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February 20, 2006

VANS Syndicate collection 002!!!

Picture 1

Vans now shows off their new syndicate line. This line of Vans uses so-called confidential materials.. meaning they use special materials and work with artists. The season 001 with a lot of camo patterns was already very nice, but this season 002 is really outstanding. Here you can see the work they did with Taka Hayashi on the Chukka sneaker.

Picture 2

They also drop a SK8 Hi ballistic nylon edition. It comes with a matching nylon bag. Nice...

Picture 5

It has bulletproof synthetic material integrated to master any skateboarding situation.

Picture 6

The Old Skool S, just comes in premium peathers and pays tribute to the checkboard design.

Picture 7

Really great work on this collection by Vans. Incredible how they re-invent their classics over and over again by different use of materials.




Anonymous jr said...

know of anywhere online i can cop these?

2/22/2006 10:16:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


just ordered myself some sk8-hi's


7/06/2006 12:05:00 am  

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