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March 02, 2006

JordanSource Reloaded!!!

Picture 1

JordanSource.com now got reloaded. They have redesigned the entire site and added a lot of hot products.

"Before you invest time or money for your
next pair of Air Jordan sneakers or Michael Jordan memorabilia check out
the revamped JordanSource.com. Whether you are just starting off or
already an avid collector, the new JordanSource.com has made the process
easier for its users including:

*Updates to its advanced eBay filtering tool to yield more accurate searches

*More items catalogued, including almost all colorways for Air Jordan’s I
through XXI, and additional categories for cards, posters, magazines, and
collector jersey releases"

The new site has much more choice and more accurate results, which is a great add-on for all Jordan Fans out there.




Anonymous racy said...

That's awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

3/02/2006 01:35:00 pm  

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