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March 28, 2006

Julian Red Jeans S/S 06!!!


Julian Red
shows us the new S/S 06 collection. They got very strong colors in this collection and present denim in flashy red, yellow and orange as well.

Inspired by the musical scene of "Madchester" (Manchester, UK) in late 80:s beginning 90:s. The acid scene mixed with indie-pop...The Happy Mondays, shoe-gaze like Ride and My Bloody Valentine. It was a lot of bright colors in a haze of movement.


Cali X, The X stands for experimental. Experimental as in finding new ways, in fabrics and colors, to present a the classic pair of jeans without looking stupid! The fit is closest to the model California, but the legs are tapered (leg opening is tighter than knee width) and thereby slimmer in leg opening. The bum width is sligthly bigger than California. The fit is unisex.

Thats what they say about their new collection. Check it out yourself.




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