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March 06, 2006

Nike Co-Lab x Staple Design!!!


As usual Jeff has his hands in everything exciting out there. Now they created in collaboration with Nike some tee's for their co lab series. The theme was Olympic Winter Games.

"The theme was Winter Olympic Sport. We decided to focus on the 13th Winter Olympics of Sapporo, Japan which was the first one to use artificial snow making (hence the left design). The other design was inspired by the Lake Placid, NY Olympics and the historic USA Hockey Team defeating the heavily favored CCCP team. Any sports fan will remember that famous line uttered after the win. If you look closely, you might be able to make it out in the graphic design. Both shirts came packaged in their own individual Tyvek Zippered Packs which came out DOPE. We also executed the graphics on those as well. The label on each garment was also a nice touch. Included in each pack was also a perforated postcard set that gave a brief description of what Staple Design is all about. All in all, a very cool set to have."


Could not agree more. Definitely a nice set to have. Via Jeff's Honeyee Blog.




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