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August 19, 2005

Special Feature: YOSOY Records - the Invasion (+ Contest)!!!


This weeks special feature is on YOSOY Records, a young and rising record label out of Frankfurt Germany. Who they are, what they do and what they are up to in the near future - all that you will find out now. I can only advise you to read until the end, because with some luck you will be the lucky one to win one of their albums that we are giving away.

YOSOY Records was founded in 2002 by Yves Hofman and Junaid Din in Frankfurt, Germany. Currently YOSOY Records works with the following artists: Fabian Lamar (Producer), Juani (Producer), Nazca (MC from Berlin) and since the beginning of the year also with Casey Keth (singer). Their first CD dropped in December 2004 and was a compilation and called „Watchamacallit“. It was a project in cooperation with Ima Multibar. The last CD`s can be purchased directly at YOSOY Records via info@yosoyrecords.com or online at www.finetunes.net, one can download them or you read until the end and win one.
During the time of the release the CD was also distributed through the famous DOM stores in Europe and a few record stores and also American Apparel stores.

Another highlight in the young history of YOSOY Records was the inclusion of the artists Fabian Lamar, Juani, Tatum Gold and Yosoy Productions with 4 titles on the Mercedes Mixed-Tape 06(see: www.mixed-tape.com), where Mercedes always sponsors young and emerging talents. Never before had anyone been on there with 4 songs at once.
The cooperation with Mercedes does not stop here. For the introduction of the new B-Class, YOSOY provided Juani & Fabian Lamar „Rumba Latina“ und Tatum Gold „Afro Carribean Street“ for the Online Special(see: www.b-klasse.com).

As you can see, there is a lot happening around these guys. Cooperations with big car manufacturers are never a bad start. In the near future the master invasion is planned. After the release of their compilation, albums of their artists will follow. Casey Keth, will be one of the first artists with his own album produced by YOSOY. It will be a mix of soul, jazz, pop and acustic music. Sounds already interesting before it is out. We are all waiting impatiently!!!


Now, I have said enough. Who else, but one of the founders can better explain what YOSOY is about and what their music is about. Get to know YOSOY through one of the founders, Yves Hofmann and also get to know a bit better Yves. Here comes the Interview.

HighSnobiety: Hi Yves, how is it going today?

Yves Hofmann: Thanx, all good in the hood! Just came back from my short vacation. Now I feel fresh again and I am trying to act the rainy weather away.

HS: Tell me, who is behind Yosoy Records? Who is in it? Who founded it?

YH: Everything started very naturally, but for sure with destiny. But Yosoy is much more than a usual Recordlabel. We all put all of our heart in it. Behind the Business Part am I and my Partner in Crime Junaid Din, we also founded it together. The Music is brought by the Producers Juani and Fabian Lamar. And of course there are the Artists Casey Keth and Nazca. Both of them are working on their Debutalbum. Specially Casey. He is our newest Artist on the Label and we are very proud to work with him. The first Songs are set and it’s about time to rock!
With this I’ve just mentioned the closest ones but there are lots of other people who influenced Yosoy and made it to what it is today. At this part: Much Love to Louie Mumblz, Jo Muckenhirn, Dennis & Julian Smith, Nadine Demetrio, Daniel Standke, Mektoub, DJ Shuffle, Flow Area, Jorge Gebauhr, DJ Opossum, Dirty Berty, Johannes Laumer, Turko Loko, The One and more for the strength, love and inspiration.

HS: What mainly inspires the creations of Yosoy Records? How would you describe the style of Music by Yosoy Records?

YH: We produce in almost every style of music. We can’t and won’t reduce ourself. It wouldn’t work any other way on the fact that we have too many different influences.
Our aim is to be a fresh modern Label with the best of all worlds. From Clubvinyls to Radiosongs. We got it all!

HS: Tell us something about setting up your own Record Company. I always find it inspiring when people just do what they love. But we all know it`s not always easy. How did you encounter it?

YH: Hhhmm, the well known question that I am afraid of. Straight up, it’s not always easy. You have also bad days. But you know what: Fuck it – thats my Fam! We support ourselves again and again. Every written line and every new phat Beat makes me believe in it. That’s my life!

HS: Let`s come to the exciting part. You guys came out with your first compilation CD: Watchamacallit!!! Tell us how it came up, and quickly tell us who is on it?

YH: The „Watchamacallit“ Compilation is our first Release on Yosoy Records. Meanwhile it is already a few days old… it’s still hot! For real, we are very proud about this piece of art and happy about the positive feedback. We produced the Compilation in coorperation with the Ima Bar. It was fun to work with them..look out! Maybe there is more to come. Watchamacallit made it through whole Europe and there exist only a few more copies. You can order the last copies on our Homepage. We present the Artists Juani, Fabian Lamar, Wegotsoul, Casey, The One, Louie Mumblz and Korben Dallas on it.

HS: Where is your Music available for purchase ?

YH: The Compilation on www.finetunes.net and our Homepage. Then you can get two Yosoy Tracks(from Tatum Gold and Juani & Fabian Lamar) on the Mercedes B-Class Webspecial www.b-klasse.com.
The Watchamacallit Compilation was available in every DOM Store all over Europe and in some more stores.

HS: What are the future plans for Yosoy Records? Any people you guys would love to collaborate with? Any secrets you would like to let the HighSnobiety readers know already?

YH: Making Casey Keth’s Debutalbum big! A collective EP or LP from Juani & Louie Mumblz – Hip-Hop Classic Stuff! Many Vinyls from Fabian Lamar. You’ll see, many people will dance to it. Fashion, Partys…and of course many Live Gigs.

HS: Now some random questions to get to know you better, Yves. What are your 5 favorite fashion brands?

YH: Hard to answer on the run, but I think these are my favourites:
Stüssy, Nike, Adidas (Stan Smith), Rockwell, X-Large

HS: Your 5 favorite musicians? Except your own of course....

YH: Thats not fair!! There are too many.

At this point I just wanna mention Mr. M.E.T.H.O.D Man! He really got me deep into the music.

HS: Thats all Yves. Thanks a lot for having taken the time to talk to me. HighSnobiety is looking forward to hear a lot more from you guys. Keep up the great work and keep us posted.

YH: Well, thank you! Much succes with Highsnobiety – keep doing your thing! Let’s stay connected! We’ll keep you updated. Promise..Yosoy Yves



And now after we know all about YOSOY Records, we get to the part that should interest you all: the Contest. YOSOY Records and HighSnobiety are giving away 3 Watchmacallit Albums. All you have to do, is answer a very simple question. The first three to give the right answer will receive the album.

THE QUESTION: In which German city is YOSOY Records based?

Please send all answers to the following email adress: HIGHSNOBIETY@GMAIL.COM

Good luck and we hope you enjoyed the YOSOY Special Feature.



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