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December 01, 2005

Vans Vault Spring 06 preview!!!


One40Five Store was nice enough to provide some pictures of the upcoming Vans Vault models for Spring 06. Check them out here now.


My personal favorite. Simple, light brown leather. Fantastic. These come like that in all colors. All brown leather, red, etc....


Well, its Spring and after Spring comes summer. I am still not sure, if these are any good.....


Here some woven ones. Colorway is definitely nice, but the woven part make them look like a Green Peace shoe?! Or not?


Definitely dig this Mocassin model. The stuff hanging around can be taken off (eventhough it comes with a skullhanger!!!). THe suede is also really nice.


These ones are completely different. Don't really have an opinion on them. Maybe for the chic surfers?


Last but not least the Camos. Check out all the range (I just picket out a few) on the blog of One40Five store by clicking one of the images. News via Coolhunting.




Blogger Johnny said...

great site man and I dig these kicks!

12/02/2005 08:28:00 am  

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