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January 04, 2006

Bape 06 update!!!


Bape is coming out with a lot of great products in 2006. Here is just a look at a few great once for the start. On the pic on top you can see the latest Milo x Kaws hoody. This time the Kaws Bendy is sitting on top of Milo. I love the graphic and the Bape full-zip hoodies are fantastic anyways.


Here we have some new Milo x Kitty tee's which are out soon. Kookies gives a nice preview of what there is to come. Among the camo windbreakers, these tee's are in my opinion the hottest for the start of the new year.


Last but not least, the year also starts well with new designer toys. Medicom and Bape get together for 4 new 400% Bearbricks. They come in all the classic Bape camo colors. Be sure that these will be eagerly traded over ebay. The Bearbricks and the Milo x Kaws hoody are both available at NoTone for order. Just click on the respective image to get there.




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