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July 31, 2005

New Marc Jacobs Vans!!!


After the first round of marc Jacobs Vans, now some new models appeared on his website. These are a limited edition of some of the most classic skateboard shoe`s ever produced.
This current set includes Slip-ons, Sk8-Hi's and Old Skools featuring patent leather, suede, and some nice printed canvas. As you can see, quite a choice.
The last Vans by Marc Jacobs sold out very quickly, so if you are interested you better get your hands on these quickly.
Also head over to Marc Jacobs website to see all colorways and a range of other special products. News via Hypebeast.



RBK Basquiat Update!!!

I reported about this a while ago. After Vacant has mentioned a Reebok Basquiat shoe in the works, designed by DPMHI, now some more info on this project.

There will be three different styles and colors in runs of 500 each (1500 pairs total) and they will initially be available in mid-October at the Moca store in LA, with boutique placement to follow. In December a second run of 1500 will be released, so you better check on this rather often.
News via Productdose.



Mr. Cartoon`s new website!!!

Famous L.A. based tatoo designer Mr. Cartoon has just relaunched his website. Go there now to find limited edition t-shirts (going for 50$), which come in custom printed boxes, and also find signed litographs going for 300$.

Once again great work from Mr. Cartoon. Check it out.



DC x New Era shoe!!!!

This is another really nice and fresh collaboration that Hypebeast reports about. DC Shoe and the legendary cap maker New Era come together for a line of shoes.

"With a 24k gold piece, hand-sewn baseball stitch and cashmere chanielle logos, this shoe has already been slated for the Hall of Fame."

Is that crazy or what???



Stüssy x Neighborhood!!!

Here we have some brand new Stüssy x Neighborhood tee`s. Great design and most likely not easy to get your hands on. They are also part of the 25th Anniversary Project and are available in 3 colors for 90$. News via Conceptshop.



Nom de Guerre!!!

The new website of Nom de Guerre is up and running. It features now the locations of all Nom de Guerre stores, news and also has a really nice online lookbook. There you can check out the upcoming first mens collection of Nom de Guerre. Some great stuff among it.



Comme des garcons x The North Face!!!

After the CDG x Gore-Tex jackets this collab is a nice next step. The Gore-Tex jackets are now already available in Comme des Garcons stores.

These North Face ones will be in store any time soon. Really nice collaboration. Get your hands on great winter jackets with great design!!!!



July 29, 2005

Interview with Chuck and Benjamin from THE BRILLIANCE!!!!


THE BRILLIANCE is the creation of Chuck Anderson and Benjamin Gott and serves as a source for people of all sorts of interests. The site is relatively new, but has already had big success. Personally I love THE BRILLIANCE for their personal style of reporting and for the Interviews. They started off with the likes of photographer Kareem Black, internet-fashion-superstore-Japan-based ConceptShop, and Henry Lee, art director of ESPN Magazine. In the meantime they have also interviewed Peter Stolz from Levis, Nick from Twelve Bar, Married to the Mob, Jason Bass from JB Classics, Futura and many others. Each Interview has the right mix between entertainment and information!!!

Therefore I headed off to Interview Chuck and Benjamin to see who they are and what they are all about. Read the Interview and find out what THE BRILLIANCE is and who Chuck and Benjamin are. Enjoy!!!


HighSnobiety: How is it going guys? Had a good day so far?

Benjamin: Real good... It's wild hot here, like 90+ and muggy. About to head out to the movies with a lady friend. Fresh white sneakers are on my feet, what else do I need?!

Chuck: Yeah it's been a good day...I'm all hyper right now after having a lot of caffeine and working out a lot...it's hot out..I have a new site in the works (www.nopattern.com) and um...Yeah....Good day.

HS: How did you two meet? Have you known each other for long, before you actually started THE BRILLIANCE?

B: We met at Church when I was like 15 i think. I have known chuck for quite a while. He is a very inspirational person and an incredible friend. That was kind of mushy. I can't stand chuck...joke.

C: Yeah, like Ben said....It was at church back when I was in 6th grade I think...He was in 8th or a Freshman. It's been a while now. We were never really friends then but our individual 'DIY' style careers kind of brought us back in touch after a few years and the rest is history. You know...we're just really good friends now and THE BRILLIANCE is just kind of a product of that friendship and our interests

HS: What is your background? Where are you from? What did you study?

B: I grew up in the south chicago-land area. Shout out to Park Forest and the Heights. What did I study? No college for me man... I couldn’t sit in a desk for another X amount of years. I was already getting money in high school and I had some great opportunities, so i took them. Yeah, I studied Jay-Z lyrics.

C: Originally from Lancaster, PA...moved with my parents when I was very young to the Chicago suburbs and have been here ever since. Few house moves, but same general area I guess. What did I study? I studied the art of not going to college and having a career by the time I was 18. Yeah!

HS: What do you do for a living?

B: Information architecture.

C: Freelance artist - www.nopattern.com


HS: Let`s come to THE BRILLIANCE. How did it all start? Who`s idea was it? How long did it take to realize?

B: It was pretty much Chuck's idea... We would email each other constantly, like check this out, check that out... Always had some snaps for a brand we didn’t like or whatever... So chuck said, yo, lets start something... We did and it took off. I came up with the name... It took like 2 weeks to get it started. I did all the programming for the site... We came up with the super simple design, thought it was fresh, stood out and all that. Within like a few weeks we had a huge following...way beyond my expectations. Its so much fun and we have met and connected with some pretty awesome people.

C: Ben pretty much summed it up...We emailed and talked non-stop and so many of our conversations were hilarious and very interesting, and I thought, you know what - we're smart and have great ideas. Let's make this public and start something. Ben suggested the name almost half-joking I think, and I was like...whoa, that's perfect. I hunted down the domain name and bought it right away and it pretty much materialized within days. It's been tons of fun...

HS: Your Interview sessions have already become quite known over the few months, that THE BRILLIANCE is up and running. How do you choose who to interview? How do you get to the people? Is it mostly people that you already know?

B: Its some people we know. But alot is just us reaching out. Like with Futura and Tim, Chuck just reached out to them... They were down, which is awesome. Futura had his interview done the same day we sent it to him. Wild. He is a super nice guy. But yeah, MTTM came to us cause we have some mutal friends. But yeah, we just try and get at people we really like...from mark the cobra snake to Simon from concept shop. Then some people get at us due to a post we've made like with the Krink Ink, Jest emailed me to say it was a dope write-up, so we just went from there.

C: Again, Ben pretty much sums this up, but as far as who we choose..it's like, whoever is just interesting and doing something original. What's great is, most of the people are not those we already knew - we reached out and now have a ton of new friends because of it!

HS: Do you actually want to tell us, who is next on your list for interviews? Any interviews hat you would be very keen on doing?

B: Thats top secret!

C: I'd like to interview Matt Drudge from DrudgeReport.com , KAWS, Pharrell, Phil Hale, and Conan O' Brien.

HS: Do you just post whatever you like, or is their also some sort of selection that you do?

B: We have the categories, but really we just post whatever we like...whatever we find interesting. Sometimes it's real random. We just want to be more dynamic than just all the bape and sneaker stuff you know? Not knocking that stuff, but we think our reader is into more than that.

C: Whatever we want. Stuff about cars, fashion, art, hip-hop, grocery stores, cell phones, NASA, Tom Cruise, bathroom faucets, food...All different stuff. Face wash, McDonalds, islands...Anything goes.

HS: What are the future plans for THE BRILLIANCE? How do you see it evolving? Do you have any plans for it?

B: When Chuck and I started we wanted make sure we didn’t lose sight of the fact that THE BRILLIANCE is really just for fun, a good out let you know? So as of right now, there are no long term plans different from what we are doing. We use THE BRILLIANCE to meet new people, network, show love, be funny and just have fun.

C: Right now it's about networking, meeting people, making new friends, and having fun. It has to continue that way, unadulterated. We're also talking with a few magazines about having a column/section...yea...maybe.

HS: Any other stuff that you are involved in besides THE BRILLIANCE? How much time do you spend working on THE BRILLIANCE? Any cool stuff worth mentioning coming up in the near future?

B: Tons of stuff outside THE BRILLIANCE from a business standpoint! Too much to list. We acutally don't spend too much time on the site. The interviews can take a while...nothing too crazy. I know its taking a bunch of time for Chuck right now!!! He is converting our first taped interview to text...that takes some time!

C: I'm full-time artist, like I said...Spend lots of time with my girlfriend Holly, my friends, playing Scrabble...THE BRILLIANCE takes up time but not too much time, just enough to make it feel not like a job but more a recreation.

HS: Now some more info on the two of you. What were your major influences over the years, in terms of music, art and other stuff?

B: My major influence in life is anyone doing their thing. Hip-hop music is my thing, fashion, skateboarding, cars, I'm addicted to my cell phone, travel, real estate, whatever... In terms of art, Chuck is more into that than I am, but I love kaws and Futura stuff and that one guy Chuck just wrote up who does those huge glacier and iceberg paintings, so wild. That was a kame answer...I love the new media exhibits in the Chicago Art Institute. We used to skip school to got to the Art Institute!

C: Music...for me...all different. Ony any given day you'll catch me listening to Slim Thug, Minor Threat, John Coltrane, Isis, As I Lay Dying, Lil' Wayne... A big influence for me is innovative and interesting tattoos...Travel and cars...Obviously art. I love Phil Hale, M/M Paris, Non-Format, M-A-K-R (www.m-a-k-r.com - check it!!!), Futura, Grotesk... I'm a big family man - very inspired by my family and close friends more than anything, really.

HS: What are your 5 most beloved musicians?


Slick Rick
Kanye West
…then all the other ones I like but don’t officially list: John Legend, Slim Thug, Jim Jones, Miles Davis, Camron, Pharrell, Bun-B, few more, whatever.


Coldplay , Jay-Z, MeWithoutYou, Slim Thug, John Mayer, As I Lay Dying

HS: Which are your favorite websites? The ones that you check on the most regular basis?

Nypost.com (PAGE SIX!)


HS: What clothing brands do you dig the most? Any new ones that you see becoming big in the future?

B: For me...I used to be more into fashion for myself, now I feel like i just watch from the side-lines. I wear Levi's LVC from Japan all the time. Always have a fresh pair of Stan Smiths on. A merino v-neck sweater with an H&M button-up underneath. Or a t-shirt and a hoody...real simple. I personally think Levi's is going to get even bigger here in the states...maybe I just hope so. The whole LVC line is so incredible...are people just missing it!?

C: There's some brands I like, but I don't really spend that much or consider myself all that fashionable...I kind of have this laid back style...Just some shorts from GAP or H&M and a t-shirt most of the time. Usually sandals in the summer and Clarks Wallys or Vans Slip-ons in the colder weather. aNYthing, 12Bar, Recon...

HS: What do you do in your free time? Any sports that you dig?

B: Free time... I'm out with friends at the lounge/club, skateboarding when I can, working! Ha... If I'm not working I'm out with friends or whatever just relaxing getting a bite to eat and some drinks downtown. I'm a real laid back guy. Not really a sports fan. Sounds boring right? I’m social though, for real…

C: I don't get out that much, just with a couple friends and my girlfriend...and we all usually just chill and hang out at each others houses or out to eat somewhere. Other than that, I just work a lot, paint, draw, photography...I like baseball, basketball, football...I'll follow whatever sport is on and root for the underdog. I love both the Cubs and the White Sox, not really particular to either...Was fun to watch the Red Sox win..I just love seeing that happen.

HS: That was it already. Do you have any closing thought or love you want to shout out? Any last remarks?

B: Shout out to Chuck of course. Huge shout-out to everyone who helped us with THE BRILLIANCE along the way: Simon from Concept Shop, Jest, Futura & Tim, Milan from Perplex & Lola, Mark the Cobra Snake, Gensler, etc... Everyone who has showed us love and a big thug-hug to all the corny people on NewsToday.com who argue about Chuck, myself and the site...you guys drive traffic like you wouldn't believe! Closing remark: The Word file I'm answering this in is formatted in German but showing English, and it won't let me spell check!!!

C: Ben, Tim, Holly, Dave Gensler, Jason from M-A-K-R.com, Futura & Tim, all the people Ben already named, Skinnycorp...I don't know. I hate doing this, too many people. What up Nigel.

HS: It was great talking to you. I really enjoy reading THE BRILLIANCE and your personal way of writing. I hope there is a lot to come from you. Thanks a lot fort the Interview.

Thanks for the love!! Keep doing your thing!

LMAC x ST0404 RBK Customs!!!


Here once again a really great collaboration. Freshnessmag shoes pics of the LMAC x ST0404 Rbk customs sneaker. The shoe looks as expected from a creative brand, a huge shoe company and one of the best customizers in the industry: amazing!!!
The shoe can be seen on the Vacant's Le LMAC Traveling Boutique World Tour. The next stop of the tour will be in Montreal, as of August 11th. The Boutique will be a highlight in a bigger show called 'Playground' at Madame Edgar. Look out for it!!!



Diamond x Undefeated Tee!!!

Now that the Nike Diamond dunks are about to be out, Diamond collaborated with UNDFTD and came it with this one of a kind tee. It has the Diamond logo and the Nike Diamond dunk on it. In the background of the logo one can see the snake skin applications, which are also on the shoe. Really great t-shirt. They should have given this out with the shoe. It`s perfect!!! News via Hypebeast.



Beinghunted Made No. 20 special!!!

Head over to Beinghunted. As usual they have a really nice special on their site. This time they are reporting about the production of Made Magazine No. 20.

It`s a photo-documentary by Christopher Allen. One can see the production process of the book-zine, each with pictures and short explanations. This feature of Beingunted is not only special, but also educational. Really great work. Thanks to Beinghunted.



July 28, 2005

Kaws Movie!!!


Kaws website was very recently updated with a movie. In the movie one can see, the soon to come out Companion Glow in the Dark, the classic Companian and the Bendy toys. Really great animation work by Mographixx, nice to watch. News via The Brilliance.



Adidas ToGo x Design Hotels!!!


The international lifestyle hotel group design hotels will be the exclusive distributor of the new adidas "ToGo" shoe for a period of two months. This is definitely a very cool coolab that one has to look out for.

Starting in August 2005 this limited edition design will be available for a duration of 8 weeks in 11 selected members of design hotels worldwide. The shoe will be available in fashion capitals such as Paris and Florence as well as in the international creative scene including Liverpool, Mexico City, Palma de Mallorca, Montreal and Cascais. There they will be able to purchase the "ToGo" model at their hotel`s concierge - without even trying them on!

The revolutionary concept of the shoe comprises only two models: one for men, and one for women. Made of high-tech quality materials such as neoprene, the shoe conforms perfectly to the wearer`s foot, making it fit like a second skin.

The shoe`s look definitely really nice and the concept just rules. So, if you were planning to go on a trip, consider these places to get your hands on a pair.

Pictures via Coolhunting.



2nd Version Ape Head Bape Sta!!!


Conceptshop reports about the 2nd version Ape Head Bape Sta`s. They come in 3 camo colors and look really nice. They can also be pre-ordered at Conceptshop for 261$.



Dr. Romanelli - Nike Collection 7!!!

Dr. Romanelli is probably one of th craziest brands I know and at the same time one of the coolest.

Go now to the website to check out the newest collection of Nike jackets, customized by Dr. Romanelli. Some really nice pieces among them.

The future plans for this brand are also big. Soon there is supposed to be a whole collection of clothing, not only jackets and sweaters as it is now. Cannot wait!!!!



Alex Calderwood Interview!!!

Head over to THE BRILLIANCE. They have striked once again. This time Chuck and Benjamin interviewed Alex Calderwood. If you do not know his name already then listen up:

He is owner/partner of The Ace Hotel Group, Neverstop Agency, all 15+ Rudy's Babershops, a record label, and much more...

As you can see, the guy is up for a lot of stuff. Nice read as usual, so head over and check it out.



July 27, 2005

The Quite Life!!!


The Drama Store now received before everybody else new items from The Quiet Life's Fall 2005 line. Since they also do not have a lot of the line yet, one has to act fast. Among th new stuff several tee`s, a camera bag and a book. Also check out the rest of The Drama Store, really nice stuff.



Kix-Files shop update!!!

Kix-Files has added some really nice stuff to their shop section. Among the new ones find:

Puma Clyde NYC/London, Nike Dunk Lo Pro SB Denim/Heineken/Stüssy/Ostrich, Nike Dunk Lo Pro SP Zoo York and the Milk Magazine x Vans SK8 Hi.

Head over there quickly, because as usual only very limited numbers available.



Blackblock + Palais de Tokyo!!!


Here some more pics from my recent Paris visit. Of course I could not miss the Palais de Tokyo. There are several interesting things in there: a restaurant with asian fusion kitchen, the museum type exhibition area of artists and Blackblock, the shop.

The exhibition is really worth seeing. They had some great stuff, also usually a lot of video installments and uses of different media. I personally also liked very much the sculptures and the huge wall installments. Check out there website to see who his showing his work at the moment.

Blackblock is certainly not a usual museum shop. This is one of the coolest shops in Paris. By the way, the Arkitip x Andre x DC shoe painting action took place here. Therefore also the huge Arkitip wall installment, that you can see on the picture. They sell a few Bape things, Supreme, Bearbricks, posters and all sorts of other stuff, mostly out of Japan, hard to find in Europe.


Here you see one of the sculptures: a tall black, funky woman. She looked really cool, I can tell you, but that`s just one out of many.

I can only suggest you to drop by this place. The great thing is, that you can do all together: have lunch, see a cool exhibition and shop some japanese rarities - What else would one want!!!!



July 26, 2005

Cool Magazine August Issue!!!

Really nice new August issue of Cool Magazine. It comes with a free pair of Bape Flip Flops in camouflage. They come in 3 different colors. Hurry and pic one up. Pics through Conceptshop.




The contest that LA MJC proposes is based on the number 7. As you all may know, Lance Armstrong just won his 7th Tour de France.

La MJC and Nike invite you to properly celebrate this new victory.
For 3 days, starting Wednesday July 23rd, 7 people a day will be invited to the Paris Nike Studio to create their own Air Zoom FC.

7 winners a day for 3 days, means 21 winners at all!!!!

But this is not the only surprise...
Each pair created in the Paris Nike Studio will benefit of a secret design by Futura himself thanks to the laser technic.

THE extra something more that will definitely make each Zoom FC unique !

For contest participation send your name, first name and e-mail address to: futuraxlance@lamjc.com!!!
7 winners will be chosen by raffle every day.

Really nice competition the guys put together here, definitely something to remember.



XLarge x Medicom!!!

The japanese urban streetwear brand XLarge has now done a collaboration with Medicom. The outcome is a set of 4 T-shirts in different colors and an exclusive XLarge Kubrick that you can see here on the picture. Nice collab. The stuff was released July 23rd in Japan.

News via Hypebeast.



Adidas Skywalker!!!

After the Grubers, this fall there will also be new Skywalkers by Adidas. They really got it going in the coming months. The shoes will be soon available at Coolest Shop. Watch out.



Kaws x Colette!!!

After the limited edition Kaws Bendy for Colette, I now saw these designs that the artist did for the parisian concept store.

He took the 2 dot logo of Colette and put his usual character style into it. Looks funny, I think. Let`s see if maybe a toy comes out of this collab, maybe the Kawlette Baby??? Who knows!

For the moment the design appears on the small Colette shopping bags. These have apparently been around for a while already, but the design is just very cool.



Futura x Lance Air Zoom FC!!!

As promised here a few pics of the package. The beautiful shoe comes in the Nike iD box. Then you can also see the white leather bag, that comes with the set and the t-shirt. Really nicely done, all of them.



Mark Smith Q&A on the Lance Icons!!!

If you have had the chance to get your hands on a pair of those Futura x Lance Nike`s or are just in general wondering what all the signs mean, that Futura has created for the Lance Armstrong bike and 10/2 collection of Nike, then you have to head over to Freshnessmag and check out the Interview with Mark Smith. He is the developer behind the icons.

Really interesting read, so check it out.



Cap&Pep meet Hello Kitty!!!

In celebration of the Hello Kitty exhibition in Hong Kong, there is a new collaboration. This time the famous Colette masquottes Cap&Pep meet up with Hello Kitty.

Cap&Pep are creations by French designers Olivier Kuntzel + Florence Deygas.
A selection of products from this collaboration will be available exclusively at Colette in Paris. The first product seen of the line-up is this coffee mug, but expect a lot more.



No Pattern Update!!!

Chuck Anderson from No Pattern just updated his web portfolio and nobody should miss this.

Chuck put up a lot of different style art and also redid the site. Just a lot of great work. Head over there and check it out and keep your eyes on him, because, there is a lot to come.

By the way, Chuck will also speak at Semi Permanent in NYC in 2005. If you have the time, do not miss it.



Oki-Ni Stan Smith + Safetyboot!!!

Here some pics of the upcoming Oki-Ni Stan Smith and Safetyboot sneakers. As usual these are Oki-Ni exclusives and only available through them. Pics via RTHQ.



ADN SNKR LAB Paris!!!!


Here we have the newest star on the parisian sneaker store scene: the ADN SNKR LAB. The store is a collaboration of Sam Lalmi, Thomas Giorgetti and Marc Leblond. The store looks refined in black- and chocolate colored walls and wooden features. A cutting edge line-up of sneakers is presented in glass jars, giving the feeling of a laboratory. The logo is a pair of laces in a double helix, like DNA. The is definitely the minimalist trainer temple of the parisian future.

I had a longer conversation with co-founder Thomas Giorgetti and there is a lot to come from these guys. The store is at the moment still being renovated. There will be 2 underground floors added to the existing floor. In the near future there will be also some limited edition products be coming from them, therefore one has to watch out. There website is expected to go online end of September.

But one should not think that nothing has happened until now. In the only 2 months old store already more has happened than in the most others in a lifetime.


Here we have for example the limited edition ADN Nike AIR 180, which they did in collaboration with Nike iD. Obviously this beauty was sold out in no time.


And here another highlight: Just launched at Alife Rivington in NYC, the Limited Edition Puma Clyde was also launched in Paris at the ADN SNKR LAB. The line-up with signed shoes by Frazier himself.

As you can see, these guys at ADN have been on top of the game as of the first day. Expect some more info on them on HighSnobiety in the near future, because this is one of the most exciting recent openings in the sneaker scene in Europe.



Opium Store Paris!!!

Here now the first news from Paris. During my 5 day visit I of course also had to pass by the legendary sneaker store Opium.

Opium has recently been refurbished and that refit is as good as its reputation. The store comes in blue neon lights, white walls and metal shelving. Opium carries only Nike, but there again only the nicest and rarest available.

Of course I was lucky enough to be there at the launch of the Futura x Lance Air Zoom FC. The shoe is only available 500 times worldwide. have a look at the exclusice pictures of this shoe launched yesterday at Opium. They had a total of 30 pairs and were sold out in 2 hours time.

The shoe comes with the Futura signs on top, also featured on Lance Armstrongs bike. The shoe comes in a Nike iD box, a matching t-shirt and a white leather sporting bag, covered in silver Futura signs and Silver swoosh. Since I was lucky enough to get my hands on it, I`ll post some pictures of the set in the following days. Just beautiful.

In Paris the shoe was only available at Opium and Colette, both sold out in no time.

Opium is for Nike lovers definitely the place to be. I had a quick talk with their store manager, Mounir Abou, really nice guy, so head over their.



Made Magazine 20 Update 2!!!

Here again some info on Made magazine 20. The first pictures of the issue are available and they will make you even more hungry than you were before already.

As reported earlier, in this issue there will be the big names like Futura 2000 and aNYthing among many others. The issue should now be available at the dealer near you carrying Made.



Evisu Sneakers line-up!!!


I am back from Paris and it was an mamzing trip. First up some news that happened in the meantime and also straight away some stuff from Paris. I got a lot of editing to do, but there is a lot to come in the near future.

Here we have from Freshnessmag the news on an upcoming sneaker line-up by premium denim company Evisu.
Very nice range with a lot of detail. The remarkable details on them can satisfy any sneaker fans. The limited issues are available now at selected stores in and outside of Japan.
The sneakers are also available through some japanese online dealers. But hurry, as usual very limited.



July 20, 2005

Off to Paris!!!!

Hey there,

just a little note. I am heading to Paris today and will be spending some days there.I`ll definitely come back with some nice reviews. Expect some good stuff to come. Have a nice week!!!!



July 19, 2005

Customized Vans at Espaipupu!!!

Just came across this site and they are selling great cusotmized Vans slip-ons. Very unique pieces.

Make sure that nobody is wearing the same ones in town.
Espaipupu is a spanish speaking magazine, check it out for other amazing stuff in the field of art. Really great stuff. I just have to get my spanish going.



Alife NYC x Kangol!!!

Dopefiend reports about a collaboration of Alife NYC and Kangol.

The outcome is this dope white hat, that you see here. It has gold lining and really nice details. The packaging is also done with a lot of detail and style. Nice collab, but who can were this???



Nort Berlin Vans update!!!!

Nort Berlin has updated their shop with some new Vans.

Personally I love theese Vans slip-ons with cherries on them. after Louis Vuitton has introduced the Cherries on their bags and clothing, it was definitely hip again and on these Vans it also looks great.
Head over there to get them. The perfect summer shoe for 45Euros only.

News from Hypebeast.



Julian Red - swedish premium denim!!!

I came a cross this brand quite a while ago, but didn`t really know anything about it.
Julian Red is a denim brand from Sweden. They have 3 lines of denim: California, Detroit, Hoboken.
Julian Red Jeans is a small independent label who has been growing slowly for 2 and a half years, building an army of followers. Today the label is sold in Scandinavia, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, NYC and Vancouver.
They only work with the best denim with original denim weights, 14.5oz, denims who cross fades and bleeds into a personal touch. What differs them from other jeans labels is the cut. Styles are slim or 'slim but loose' (i.e. straight hip, loose bum, straight slim legs). For each collection they carry a limited line with special denim fabrics and colors, usually customized cut's and treatment.
They also carry t-shirts, sweaters and jackets. And since the label was born through the music and art segment in Sweden they always try to work with one or two artist/AD doing the artwork for each season.
Sounds like a very promising brand. I love their cuts, because they are so Rock`n`Roll.
Check their site for point of sales.



Bug Ban Insect Repelling Wristband!!!!

There’s nothing like a swarm of mosquitoes to ruin your poolside look, but luckily Bug Ban wristbands provide the solution.

These plastic bracelets with citronella, geranium, and lemongrass essential oils keep all bugs away, even after swimming, running, and laying out. Almost odorless (it has a light citronella scent) and totally non-toxic, the bracelet is perfectly safe for all ages. And it’s socially-conscious: the reps of the brightly colored bands are close to striking a deal with Sir Richard Branson that will help Bug Ban protect Malaria-ridden Africans.
Really nice idea and nobody will notice anyway, since everybody is wearing the LiveStrong, Nike and other silicon bracelets now a days. The bracelets go for 2.95$, which is definitely worth it.



Adidas Pro Model at Kix-Files!!!!

Kix-Files now has the Adidas Pro Model in their e-shop.

They have it in white and black for 195$. As usual they do not have a big quantity, so you have to hurry up to get a pair.



Dalek roundtable and David Gensler Interviews!!!

Dopefiend has a great update on their site. New they have now an exclusive Interview with David Gensler, co-founder and president of The KDU. He is considered by many to be the top youth culture strategist in the world. Definitely a nice read.

That`s not all yet though. Their is a Roundtable event/interview with Dalek, Di Genova and Wil Kucey from le. Gallery. This one is also a very nice read. Great work at Dopefiend.



Stüssy UK - Nina`s Dance!!!

Beinghunted just reports about Nina`s Dance, Stüssy UK's limited edition Reggae set.

Really nice Flash application with a mixer in the background, which is totally functioning to navigate the site and do remixes.. You can mix your own version of Nina's Dance, you can tune into the various products available or you can just enjoy the music. Check it out here.



Puma Clyde launch!!!

The Puma Clyde Relaunch is taking place at Alife Rivington Club in NYC, with Walt Clyde Frasier even present.

The first NYC drop will have Knicks colorways. Each of these colorways is limited to 150 pairs.
The event is on Saturday, July 23rd from 2-4pm.
This is the first event in the new heritage program entitled “From the PUMA Archive.”



Touch Magazine!!!

If you want to see some pics of the newest Visvim FBT Shakers and many other great sneakers at the moment and upcoming ones, then check out the latest issue of Touch Magazine.

Once again, somebody over at Kix-Files was nice enough to scan the most interesting content. Really exciting stuff amongst it.




This is one of these things, where you hit your head and think: why has nobody else come up with this yet?

ThumbThing is a little piece of plastic that you put on your thumb and that way you can hold a book really easily opne with a single hand. Simple idea, great help!! What else do you want!!!



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